Established in 2003, CREA Conference is the Creative Learning Community that fosters creative thinking and creative behavior. It has been designed by and for professionals from all over the world to meet and network, share their learning, diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view . CREA Conference holds a core expertise in Creative Problem Solving, a comprehensive thinking framework built for developing creative solutions to problems, initially developed by Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes in the 1950s. It also offers the learning of a variety of cutting-edge methods, tools and techniques linked to Creativity and Innovation, such as Design Thinking, Agile and Polarity Thinking.

Year in, year out, CREA Conference involves over 50 facilitators who volunteer their knowledge, talent and expertise in service of community learning.

The new vision of CREA today is a Green, Eco-Conference, built on an ecological mind and love and respect for nature and the environment. It is “clean” (outside an inside), simple, real, holistic and organic. Discover more.

The minds (and bodies!) behind CREA Conference. A team of Creativity Experts who kicked off our Creative Learning Community.