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VISION: CREA 2020 is a Green, Eco-Conference, built on an ecological mind and love and respect for nature and the environment. It is “clean” (outside an inside), simple, real, holistic…

Is creating divine? Perhaps, but we too play our part in creating. We create children, companies, gardens, works of art. We create fantastic cities and products. The secret lies in… Alessia Berti, Red of CREA for 8 years, Facilitator and Member of the CREA Conference Team, wants to share a fun flash creative problem-solving tool, easily applicable to different… Wouldn’t it be great to have the chance to be a CREA 2020 EXPO Presenter?  Every year CREA Conference offers a variety of interactive workshops that expose participants to…

Where is your learning path leading you in 2020? Apply Imagination and choose among our selection of Creative Problem Solving Programs and unique Immersions: ENGLISH IMMERSIONS SCRUM DRUM: Agile transformation for continuous improvement.…