Paolo Sbuttoni

The best idea I’ve ever had? Agnese, 20 yo, the most creative result in my life…
Paolo (born 1961) is Creativity and Leadership Trainer, Consultant & Coach. Since 1995 he brings a fresh perspective in Leadership, Creativity & Creative Problem Solving Facilitation, Strategic and Innovation Consulting, Coaching, including Strategy Development.

He earned in 2019 the Certificate of Advanced University Study in Creativity and Change Leadership from The International Center of Studies in Creativity – Buffalo State University NY.
He is also Founder of CREA Conference. Paolo has been Organizer, Facilitator and Presenter several times at CREA, in CPS Programs and Creativity Workshops.
He is Certified leader in Creative Problem Solving (CPS Osborn-Parnes Model) and its evolution CPS Thinking Skills (based on the use of FourSight) and Certified FourSight Advanced Trainer (Thinking Preference Assessment – USA).
As Leader and Presenter he has been invited to:
Creative Problem Solving Institute (Buffalo NY), Mindcamp (Toronto Canada), Colloques Crea Université (Université Descartes Paris), Crea Quebéc, EACI European Association of Creativity and Innovation (Belgium – Portugal – Ireland), ISPIM Conference 2014 (Dublin), Social Business Forum 2014 Milano, Crea Pool 2012 (Eindhoven University – The Netherlands), Creativity Lab: De Code van de Toekomst Koning Willem I College, Den Bosch (NL)
As Creativity and Leadership Expert he also shared his experience at:
Politecnico di Milano (Engineering University of Industrial Design), Università di Bologna Alma Mater (State University of Engineering), Scuola di Medicina Torino (State University of Medicine), Università di Udine, IULM University Milan, Facultade Potenciar Sao Paulo – Brazil
He has been invited at the Annual “Advances in Cardiac Arrhythmias and Great innovation in Cardiology” Conference in Turin for presenting the results of ‘A New Method to communicate and Work better in CardioSurgery Teams”, a program he led using FourSight Profiles.
As a former job, he worked in Advertising as a Copywriter then as a Creative Director in Turin and Milan (1986 – 2012).
His contribution in advertising (more than 400 commercials created) and marketing solutions helped italian and multinational brands for more than 25 years.
His headline: “I’m crazy about listening: you can learn and understand so much when your mouth is shut”.