Alessia Berti

Once upon a time a curious Unicorn called Alessia, graduated in History of Art and trained in HR Management, moved from Milan to London to find her life and career purpose. In London she worked in the fashion industry as an HR Manager, trained in Organisational Coaching at the CIPD and started hearing about a funny thing also known as CREA Conference.


In 2012 she felt it was time to go back home. Before even touching base in Milan she stopped in Sestri Levante to take part to her first CREA Conference as a Red of CREA. Here she had a triple epiphany: fell in love with Creativity and Facilitation, finally found her purpose and understood that work could be a synonym of real fun and true friendship .


The same year with the joint contribution of the Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Milan she started a business project, Yellow Sound, a metamorphic creative hub equipped with a recording studio in the center of Milan. Today she stays curious and works with love as an HR consultant, coach and facilitator of Creative Problem Solving. She also nurtures her mind and body through a beautiful discipline called Hara Yoga.