CREA Programs

Discover the learning experiences to choose from at CREA Conference.

Creative Problem Solving

The Creative Problem Solving program program offers participants a rich experience in learning how to think and act more creatively. Programs are targeted at skill development and designed around the Creative Problem Solving Skills Model.

  • 3 times half a day workshops
  • Start with Foundations of Creative Problem Solving
  • Pre-registration required

Foundations of CPS

Learn the basics of Creative Problem Solving. This is the program for those getting started with CPS.

Creative Thinking Tools for the 21st Century

Variety of tools that are drawn from the newest approaches in Creativity, Design Thinking, and Biomimicry.

The Art of Facilitation

For CPS practitioners with some experience. Gain hands-on facilitation practice and feedback.

Immersion Programs

Workshops that will offer an immersive learning experience focusing on emerging trends and best practices in the field of applied creativity. These workshops are designed and facilitated by experienced professionals based on current research and practical application.

  • Half a day workshops
  • No course requisites
  • Pre-registration required

Immersion Programs in English

Immersion Programs in French


Interactive workshops that will expose participants to the many diverse perspectives of research and practice in the field of creativity.

The full schedule is shared on the event. Follow us on social media for updates!

  • 90-minute workshops
  • No course requisites
  • Attendance on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sharing Circles

At the end of each day the same small team, integrating a mix of participants from all Programs and led by a Facilitator, will gather together to share learning and insights.

This integrative experience allows participants to broaden their exposure to what is offered at the conference, while also taking their own learning to a deeper level.

  • 45-minute sessions in groups
  • No course requisites
  • Attendance is voluntary


A space to go deeper into the practice of CPS facilitation.

Participants will have an opportunity to practice a variety of simulations and exercises using the Creative Problem Solving process.

  • 45-minute sessions in groups
  • No course requisites
  • Attendance is voluntary

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a unique experience that has propagated to creativity conferences worldwide.

Set your intentions and start your inner journey with this active meditation framework.

  • Self-paced activity
  • No course requisites
  • Attendance is voluntary


Our participants’ well-being is important to us.
While you are connecting with others, take some time to reconnect with yourself.
Nurture your body and mind with light morning activities and enjoy the silence of a dedicated relaxing space always open to you.
  • Morning Yoga
  • Silence room
  • Nature & Healing

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