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We’re sorry for this world. Crea Conference will be back in 2023.

We are working on a new conference to face our changing world.
Stay tuned to discover new Creativity Programs & Workshops for Professional and Personal Development

Lead by international experts, you’ll learn and develop the Mindset and Skillset to practice a variety of up-to-date creativity methods.
You will develop your Creative and Leadership Mindset and to help you emerge in our fast-paced world of challenges.

Learn and Develop Creativity and Leadership Skills at CREA 2023:

Choose your Learning Experience to start or improve your path in creativity and innovation for your present and your future.
You’ll explore the best practices including applied creativity, digital tools and app’s, change leadership, social innovation, entrepreneurship.

Each Learning experience includes:

One CREATIVITY PROGRAM: choose among the 5 here presented

+ Any afternoon WORKSHOP (EXPOS) at your choice or CPS LAB

+ 4 SHARING CIRCLES Meetings: 1 each day

+ WELLNESS Activities: Morning and Afternoon

+ NIGHT EVENTS: creativity after work

For further information check the programs and schedule pages

Foundation is recommended for those who are unfamiliar with the deliberate practice of creativity and Creative Problem Solving (CPS).
Participants will be able to:
  • Assess their individual thinking style preferences and work with the creative process
  • Understand the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills model and overcome creative challenges
  • Identify personal characteristics, behaviors and attitudes that can promote and inhibit creativity.
Program available in two languages: English and Français
Tools is recommended for Creativity Skilled Facilitators and Consultants, Advanced Level Educators, Innovation Managers, HR & Chief Learning Officiers.
Participants will be able to:
  • Apply a variety of tools when using virtually any problem-solving model
  • Enhance creative thinking and facilitation skills with tools from new approaches in Creativity, Design Thinking, Agile, Biomimicry
  • Apply and Modify thinking tools to open up creative possibilities at work and at home.
Program available in two languages: English and Français
Today’s leaders need to practice the skills to move their people forward: clarifying the organization’s ambition, encouraging creative action, aligning resources and creating a climate for creative thinking, collaboration and collective responsibility.
Participants will be able to:
  • Identify the critical factors for creating “We-centric” organizations and leadership behaviors
  • Assess areas of strength and development related for leadership competencies and deepening them
  • Learn and apply a variety of creativity skills related to managing people, managing process and managing the work environment
Program available in English
Participants will learn Polarity Thinking, a powerful methodology that helps people manage seemingly contradictory views to achieve successful outcomes and take home a powerful tool that will enhance your ability to deal with complex issues in a creative and agile way.
Participants will be able to:
  • Build awareness of what polarities are, distinguish them from problems to solve
  • Develop a “both and” mindset by learning to leverage the natural tension between two opposite poles (and get the best of both sides!)
  • Apply the Polarity Thinking approach to a paradox or dilemma that you are currently facing in your organization or personal life.
Program available in English
Aujourd’hui, après une série de transformations brutales pour s’adapter à la pandémie, les entreprises et les organisations traversent une crise de cohésion. Coordination moins efficace, perte de production de connaissance, et penser collectif “comme avant”.
Les participants pourront:
  • Identifier les facteurs clés d’un climat organisationnel qui soit adapté à la nouvelle réalité
  • Appliquer un modèle de climat créatif à leur environnement de travail actuel pour tirer parti de ses singularités
  • Mettre en application une variété de compétences et d’outils de créativité pour favoriser un climat créatif au sein des équipes.
Programme disponible en français

CREA Conference is "From Me to WE"

We are living in challenging times. The last few years have shown to what extent each of us must constantly adapt to new, unpredictable situations. The problems we are facing are complex. At the root of many of these problems is the ability to think and act collectively and in our shared best interest. Our very survival as a species will certainly depend on our ability to collaborate rather than compete with one another so we might understand our challenges, share ideas and resources, and implement creative solutions. At CREA Conference we want to fully embrace the ME and the WE, celebrating both the individual and the community and recognizing that the interplay between these two dimensions lies at the heart of the creative process. We offer a learning environment that allows individuals to not only be exposed to new knowledge, but to also develop and expand specific skill sets that will have practical value long after the conference is over. By strengthening our focus on diversity, including interactions between different cultures, generations, levels of education, gender, race, and language, we believe in our ability to form a creative community and tap into our collective intelligence.

Enjoy your learning experience with

Dozen of Workshops

The latest studies and trends in creativity

International Facilitators

Creativity Experts from all over the world

More than 30 Countries

A multicultural and multiprofessional event


10 out of the 15 top skills from the World Economic Forum,
can be applied and improved at CREA Conference

According to the latest researches, in the next days our competencies will only be as good as the skills we possess. These are the "POWER SKILLS" that will build our thinking and acting assets for the future. During the learning experience at CREA Conference you'll be able discover how to practice, improve and apply new and different skills in real life. To get an idea of what challenges lie ahead, and the tools needed to tackle them, Facilitators and Consultants, Career Experts and CEOs in several researches agreed on what the World Economic Forum published in its report about the "Jobs of the Future and the Skills needed". Think about it: where do you see yourself in 3-5 years' time? What do you experience? Which are the performance that you are achieving thanks to your new and powerful thinking skills?


An open conversation with Erik op ten Berg on Creative Climate and…


A creative conversation with Matteo Catullo and Alessia Berti on World Creativity…

20/04/2021 Take part in the biggest European Conference on Creativity, Creative Problem…