We are happy to announce that Crea Conference 2021 will take place live, in person, it will be a special unforgettable edition reserved to only 100 participants, mindfully organised according to the latest Covid -19 safety measures.

Together with Dynamo, we have defined some useful procedures for conducting the conference in the most comfortable and safe way possible. Here are some useful information to understand in detail the various practical and logistical aspects.


1. Before arrival: how the Camp is prepared

Before each new arrival of guests, the Camp is sanitized through the cleaning and disinfection of all rooms. All Dynamo staff involved in carrying out the services and activities will do the serological test in the days preceding the stay. In the 12 hours preceding the arrival at the Camp, guests are asked to independently measure the body temperature, which must not exceed 37.5 °C. To avoid gatherings and minimize the time spent inside the reception, guests will be asked to check-in online in the days prior to arrival, anticipating the documents useful for finalizing the process. In this way, the check-in procedure will be anticipated and guests will be able to go individually to the concierge only to check body temperature and provide personal data for their recognition and registration.

2. Arrival at Dynamo Camp: welcome and check-in

Upon arrival at Dynamo Camp, to allow access to the areas of the structure, the body temperature of the individual participants will be detected, to verify that it does not exceed 37.5 °. It should be noted that this measurement will be made every day during the stay at Dynamo Camp for the safety of all guests (adults and children) and the staff involved. The procedure will be quick and respectful of individual needs and privacy. The names of the people to whom the survey will be carried out will be constantly recorded in a register (only the names will be noted, without specifying the respective temperatures). After measuring the body temperature, the staff will proceed with the recognition of the personal data of each guest. At that point, the key of the assigned room will be delivered and the guest will be accompanied to his/her room. To ensure greater security, each guest will be assigned a single room with private facilities (except for the case of cohabitants, who will be able to stay in the same room, unless a different prior request is made by the guest himself).

3. General rules within the Camp

Inside the common areas, where it will not be possible to have access to the toilets, alcoholic gel will be made available to guests and staff with an alcohol concentration between 60-85% for hand hygiene. During the stay at the Camp it is mandatory to maintain an interpersonal distance of 180 cm. Despite the large internal and external spaces that characterize the structure, respect for the distance will be facilitated by the visible presence of information signs (for example, with stickers to be attached to the floor, poles, path markers, etc.). The use of DPI devices by guests and staff will always be guaranteed and mandatory.

4. Room cleaning

Rooms will always be sanitized before the arrival of individual guests, while during the stay it will be the single guest who can explicitly request the cleaning of his/her accommodation; otherwise, the cleaning staff will not return to the room until the guest leaves.

5. Internal transportation

Vehicles with driver (Bus, Minivan, Electric cars) will be available for guests to move around the Camp, organized in order to guarantee comfort and safety for everyone.

6. Dining Hall Area

Dynamo staff will regulate access to the restaurant. To facilitate respect for interpersonal distance, information signs will be used (for example, with stickers to be attached to floor, tables etc.) and the access and exit routes will be clearly marked. Once the guest has reached the room, he/she can take a seat at the table. Places will be marked with special signs. The guest can go to the self-service counter, without crowding and respecting safety distances and will receive the chosen dish from the dining room staff. Once he returns to his/her seat, he/she will be able take off his mask, the time necessary to eat. The service will always be provided with disposable material.

7. Meeting

Information boards and space markers will be placed inside the area dedicated to meetings, conferences and events, as in other common areas to facilitate respect for distance (for example, with stickers to stick on the floor, poles, marker tapes, etc.). If possible, a fixed numbered seat will be assigned to each participant, to be used for the duration of the event. The promiscuous use of mobile microphones, keyboards, touch screens, remote controls, etc. will be avoided. Where this is not possible, cleaning with disinfectant will be carried out between one use and another.

8. Experiential activities

The performance of the activities within the Camp will be guaranteed in compliance with the safety and spacing rules. The interpersonal distance of 180 centimetres and the use of personal protection equipment by guests and activity staff will always be guaranteed.

9. Presence of medical personnel

For the entire duration of the stay within the Camp, the presence of medical personnel will be guaranteed for the management of any daily needs and for the possible (hopefully unnecessary) management of symptomatic cases.

In the 15 days following the end of the stay, the guest is requested to report to CREA and Dynamo any positive assessment of Covid-19.

With reference to facilities and common spaces:

  • For the canteen, considering a distance of 1.8 meter between one guest and the other, with the tables currently in the room, up to 96 people can sit; the number of tables can be increased, as needed, in compliance with safety procedures.
  • Meeting rooms have a capacity that allow between 25 and 65 peple to work in safe condition

Dynamo Camp is located inside a 900-hectares Oasis affiliated to WWF and the Conference program is designed in order to include also open-air activities and to enjoy the beauty of nature.