Yves Chambert-Loir

Yves Chambert-Loir has been a consultant and trainer in communication and creativity since 2005.
A graduate of the ESG and the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique de Versailles, Yves specializes in the design and animation of communication training courses, using theatrical techniques.
In 2008, he also obtained his Certificate as a professional facilitator from the C.P.S.[Créa Université / O. Wolfe].
He particularly likes to lead creativity sessions in companies and systematically adopts a creative pedagogical approach during the many training sessions he leads, specifically the modules on “the creative climate” and “the facilitator’s posture” and the “C.P.S.”.
He has been participating in Créa-Conference for the past 9 years and leads core programs on C.P.S. and workshops on the body and relaxation.
His dual experience of nearly 25 years as a manager in a company and as an actor, director & theatre teacher allows him to bring his expertise in oral expression training, speaking and group facilitation.