Valerie Reynaud

I founded by LÀ in 2016, an agency specialized in the support of the innovation and the transitions of the company by the design. By LÀ is also an international tribe of consultants-trainers convinced that creativity is the only way to a desirable future for all.
What I am passionate about today is to help people reconnect with their creative talent and activate within the organizations the levers of cooperative intelligence. Formed since 2002 at the CPSI (Buffalo-USA), I am particularly interested since 2009 in Design Thinking, a humanistic innovation approach, which places human beings at the center of the process of transformation. Since 2013 I actively participate in the dissemination of agile approaches at my clients * and at international conferences (Italy-CreaConference / Canada-MindCamp / Quebec-Creative Crops / France-Annual Conference CréaFrance). 2018 ended with my certification to the Narrative practice, a wonderful coaching approach to the favorite stories, and 2019 started with a nice partnership with the Design Thinkers Academy in Amsterdam.

I love…
* Co-designer & Facilitate devices of collaborative innovation and intrapreneurship
* (De) train individuals in creative approaches, explore new ways with teams, cultivate caring, empathy and the art of feedback within the company.
* Inventing Leadership Development Pathways: Creative Odyssey © (Berlin – Porquerolles – Elsewhere …)