Remi Sabouraud

A long time ago, before Twitter and Facebook, Rémi was a copywriter for a huge TV producer, then he went to Creaconference 10 years ago (each year)! He made his own way as a trained brain first and became a facilitator for Goût d’idées. He trained more than one thousand of people to creative techniques and drive workshops about creativity applied to marketing all around the world, but the more often in Paris… Because he loves Art, he runs an Art galery in Arles (Provence) where he lives and is responsible for Crea-France Sud. President Holland appointed him recently as Minister of Creativity in France.
After a DESS in cultural management, Rémi “falls” into the world of creativity via television. Indeed, in 2003 he will be a TV format designer for Endemol France. He will then work in communication and regularly design innovative cultural events (which he always does). He will be trained in the creative process at CreaConference, CPSI and elsewhere. He is now an independent co-designer within the Co-Design-it network and supports various companies in their creative endeavours. His speciality is marketing. Each project is for him a new challenge for which he will invent a unique atmosphere. Because he loves to transmit his passion for the creative process, he is a lecturer at several universities. Based in Provence in Arles, he co-directs a contemporary art gallery. This place is a space for creative experimentation and is also the headquarters of Créa France Sud, of which Rémi is the animator.