Marjolein Hutting

Marjolein is a teacher in a college in the Netherlands where she gives the course Creative Thinking. In her career she also studied at the impro academy in Amsterdam after which she attended courses at the Bats Improv Centre in San Francisco.

She is a professional trainer for improtheatre groups where she challenges her students to improve themselves in improtheatre. Besides that she plays in a impro group herself, called Collectief XX. In her workshop she’ll take you into the world of improvisation theatre and will let you experience how to improve your skills in creative thinking.


“I improvise, train, connect and surprise. I work hard and I play hard. All the while creating an environment where failure is bliss and we playfully learn and discover.

I facilitate creative thinking sessions and train improv theatre.

As an improv trainer I train beginning and novice improv theatre groups. My specialty is longform. I really love the game and I find it a good challenge to teach a group the game. Examples of improv games I teach in are: ‘de Vloer op’ or ‘Nachtgasten’. The latter I have stripped into a program called: playing with secrets. This is for advanced players who want to challenge themselves.

My strength is working with the whole body and coaching people on personal learning goals. I can clearly see what a scene needs and can put you in your strength as a player”.