Marina Randich

Argentinian of Italian origin, I moved to Europe on my own in 2000. I trained as a teacher in England and as a coach and facilitator at CREA since 2007, where I fell in love with Creative Problem Solving. In 2014, I attended Mindcamp in Toronto and started using the Labyrinth as a meditation and intuition tool.

In my work as a coach, I use techniques to stimulate creativity and intuition, essential elements to visualise, clarify and achieve goals. I’ve been supporting international teams and managers to find their own voice for almost 20 years, facilitating communication workshops online for Speexx Global, a leading German corporate communication and coaching company.

I enjoy facilitating the transition from words to action and coaching healthy habits to create sustainable change. From my master’s degree in Conference Interpreting, I learned to love effective communication, symbols and translating cultures. I’m curious about archetypes and the learning process. I found creativity was the ‘beyond language’ I had been looking for. I also love exploring the grammar of movement in dance, rowing and yoga, the sea and all forms of poetry.