Marie Bagi

Marie Bagi, contemporary Art History and Philosophy Ph.D., has been passionate about art since she was four years old and her visit at the Uffizi in Florence, Italy, from which she left with a t-shirt of “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, as her first souvenir. Since her Master, she has devoted her research to women artists and their work – especially Camille Claudel and Louise Bourgeois. Seeing the injustice done to women in the art world, she wants to rectify the situation by actively contributing to their artistic recognition so that one day they can have their place so deserved. In 2020, she created her association “Espace Artistes Femmes: Rose-Marie Berger” after writing the full project in 2018, in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The notion of intimacy was central in his doctoral research which lasted three years. Today she puts her energy and her time into this new exhibition’s space, a pioneering and innovative concept, dedicated to art but, above all, devoted to women and their works. This notion of intimacy is fundamental in the artist’s process in order to know the result: the basis of contemporary art.