Jérémie Bride

    Bonjour, my name is Jérémie Bride, also known as “Asterix” among the CREA World. I’m very happy to be back for my 11th CREA (I started in 2008, I was 21…).
    You can talk to me in French, English, and Japanese (^O^)/ ! You can try in Italian and in German with no guaranty (>_<)’ !
    I’m PhD in Sport Sciences, Associate Professor/Researcher in a University in France, working on Human Motor skills, Education and Anthropology.
    I grew up in the mountains of Jura and Chablais, and lived 2555 days in Japan. I love to hike, to ski, to fly, to practice Martial Arts and Latin danses, to travel, and to go to CREA. I also like to Rock It and make a labyrinth on the beach, give away Post-its, Set up Flip Charts and Video Projectors, and most of it, to make yourself the most Zen here and to apply what this conference is teaching, hopefully…