Jeannette Medema

Jeannette achieved a Master of Science Degree in Human Geography some years ago. Since 2008 she has started her Ph.D. in how space creation influences creativity in the context of higher education. Jeannette is an experienced educator and a creative expert since many years in the educational and business field. She works at the international school of NHLStenden University, which offers Design Based Education. Her love for creativity started during a two-years biking trip from Alaska to Buenos Aires from 2005-2007. She became founder of Movingpeople, Humanitarian Services, a social business which is innovative and socially conscious (2007-2011). A playground for creativity as a mean to contribute to entrepreneurial women projects in the townships of South Africa. The creative road went on through courses at COCD, becoming Certified Foursight Facilitator, CREA facilitator and visitor for 6 years, TEDx speaker and speakers’ coach and Intercultural Trainer. Her focus on creativity: creative problem solving, creative climate, design thinking and intuitive creative life integration.

YIN. She sees herself as a creative life explorer, a creative wanderer, an Artist who can open op others easily and safely for creative experiences, a creative encourager. A happy host of planet creativity by expressing her enthusiasm, connectedness, sensitivity, a welcoming (morning)bird for your soul. Her biggest passion is to travel a lot around the globe and to live her integrative creative life to the fullest with and without others, being in the moment of whom you meet and feeling timeless. Jeannette loves sports to nurture her health by biking, hiking/pilgrimages and to stimulate her inner artistic self by painting, drawing, sculpturing and playing. Curiosity keeps her moving into new experiences on her Creative Silk Road Of The Unknown.