Jean-marc Dupont

Jean-Marc is a consultant (autoentrepreneur) and associate professor at the University of Lorraine in fields covering Physics, Physiology, Creativity and System Engineering.
After a doctorate in Theoretical Physics, he was trained in Mathematical Theory of Integrative Physiology (MTIP) by Professor Gilbert Chauvet, physicist and doctor in order to tackle pathological problems with a therapeutic aim.
Later, this theory would be immersed in an industrial context while following the methodological approach of Systems Engineering with the objective of building a bridge between the technical world and that of human factors by relying on the physical nature of Physiology and technical objects. Wishing to become more creative and promote creativity, he validated the CNAM – Paris certificate in “Animation of creativity in companies and local authorities”, followed by the University Diploma (DU – Université Paris-Descartes) on “Creativity: theories, methods, applications”.
Currently, he is involved in teaching the ISC Master’s degree (Complex Systems Engineering) by initiating, for example, students to systemic thinking (Systems Thinking) while conducting research work oriented towards Industry 4.0 to better take into account the Human being.
After having worked on creativity immersed in virtual reality, he still continues to reflect and experiment on creativity as a complex process.