Isabelle Jacob

Consultant trainer and creativity practitioner for over 30 years, trained in CPSI’s creative leadership and certified in KAI (Kirton Adaptation/Innovation Inventory). I am also empowered by the Center for Creative Leadership to use the KEYS questionnaire, a barometer of an organization’s creative climate, designed by Teresa Amabile.
Since 1996 at the head of Iris-créativité, I have been co-founder of Créa-france.
I conduct my research on the links between creativity, pedagogy and learning and on the need to put life back at the heart of our organizations. I like to use the power of creative approaches to create a creative and living organizational climate in our teams, our innovations, and in education.
I am also a professor of Biodanza since 2004.
Editions and publications:
co-author with Patrick Duhoux of Développer sa créativité, published by Éditions Retz in 2006.
Lights on creativity 1 and 2 – Editions Iris pour la créativité – 2011 and 2016
The keys to creative functioning: Editions Iris pour la créativité – 2015
Editions Iris for creativity:
“emotional life at the heart of organizations” – Liliana Viotti and Gerson Carbalho – 2011
“Creative tapas” – 2016
Animation tools:
the photolanguage and forced connection games: “Trees” and “Doors”, V.I.V.R.E. 1 and 2, the “Virtual Consultants”, “When suddenly…” (sensory evocation game)
game cards: seed words, analog worlds, Noria of communication, “and if…”