Isabelle Gilbert

Facilitator and trainer in creativity and innovative projects for 7 years within Sfumato, Isabelle is passionate about sensitive techniques. Her approach is inspired by her artistic career (director, actress, author), her research on movement (initiatory dance, martial arts) and her way of life oriented towards permaculture and spirituality.

Coming from the artistic milieu in which she worked for 13 years, Isabelle is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Etudes Cinématographiques, certified artist-consultant trainer by the Iris center and obtained her degree in codesign and collaborative innovation with Paris Descartes. She cut her teeth on the field as a documentary director, following the collective creations of artists and becoming an actress, author and pedagogical manager for the Théâtre des Minuits for 5 years.

Passionate about creative paths, she founded Sfumato in 2012, the first agency dedicated to supporting the creativity of creative professions and developing the creative posture. To support this process, in 2016 she developed a more personal methodological approach, L’Epopée des créateurs, a synthesis of 5 other major recognized creative processes: the hero’s journey, CPS, Design Thinking, Von Oech characters, and the Disney strategy. Since 2017, Isabelle is also a partner of the Codesignit facilitators’ collective.