Harry Van des Schans

    Harry van der Schans is a creativity expert, author of iDNA, and director of the Centre for Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Koning Willem I College/School for the Future in the Netherlands. The college embraces the teaching and learning of creative thinking skills and competencies for students, faculty, and staff as part of the 21st century skills. Harry is an expert in De Bono techniques and in 2012 he was appointed de Bono Master Trainer in Six Thinking Hats. He has also been trained in various other thinking techniques and approaches (Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Scenario thinking, Mindmapping, Memory training, Time Management, etc.), which he incorporates when facilitating groups both in business and education. He graduated from Radboud University in linguistics and, since 2004, he has trained and facilitated thousands of people in the field of creative and critical thinking in the Netherlands and abroad.