Gerardo de Luzenberger

Gerardo is a passionate and pragmatic facilitator, consultant and trainer. He combines the capacity to investigate innovative solutions with the ability to imagine and realise successful business ideas and promote new projects.

As a facilitator he uses different approaches and methods. In his toolbox, you will find things such as Open Space Technology, Future Search Conference, Scenario Planning, Appreciative Inquiry, Creative Problem Solving, Dynamic Facilitation, Technology of Participation, World Café and many others.

He is the owner of Genius Loci, a consultancy company operating in the field of organisational development, facilitation, training, communication. He founded in 2004 the Scuola Superiore di Facilitazione, the first Italian training initiative for group facilitators and moderators. Since 2016 he organises every year #FACILITA – the Italian facilitators’ conference.

Gerardo is a IAF – International Association of Facilitators CPF – Certified Professional Facilitator, and has got a certification on Agile Foundations from the Agile Consortium. He is also a Certified™ Assessor in IAF CPF program and a certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. He is currently serving IAF Global Board as Director of Professional Development.