Erika Dominguez

Erika is the Chief Strategy and Corporate Communication Officer since 2008 and she is a member of the founding group of KIO Networks, a company that offers infrastructure and mission-critical information technology services to any kind of industry.

As a leader in strategic planning, Erika coordinates specialized work teams to keep KIO Networks at the forefront of a highly competitive and dynamic industry. Today KIO Networks has presence in Mexico, Spain, CA and the Caribbean. From 2007 to 2017, Erika was Chief Marketing Officer and made the company an invaluable business partner for important national companies.

Previously, she managed the Human Resources department and instill a spirit of commitment, trust and excellence amongst the first generation of employees towards the client and values that, today, are an a fundamental asset for KIO Networks’ DNA.

In 2002, she collaborated at nCubo Holdings, a Mexican venture capital fund and technological development company.

Currently she is writing a book called iCancer, in which she reveals her strategies to face and grow with fortitude critical situations.