Erik op ten Berg

Erik op ten Berg holds a Master of Science Degree in Creativity, and is educated in innovation management at Delft University. He is a fulltime trainer in Creative Problem Solving, and moderator of hundreds of brainstorm workshops. He is based in the Netherlands and works as an independent consultant for large and small organizations, as well profit as non-profit. Since 2001 he has his own company “Pioen consult”, and is also partner at the “Center for the Development of Creative Thinking” (COCD) in Belgium.
Some of his topics of interest in the field of applied creativity are: daily creativity, blowing your mind, inbox thinking, accelerated learning, walking labyrinths, creative leadership, innovative climate, group thinking.
Erik’s professional style is energetic, interactive, inspiring, playful and serious. He is a long life learner driven by curiosity and his own creativity.
He also loves the Italian cuisine, Spanish mountains, Argentinean tango, Asian curries, simple pocketknives, New York City Marathon, and a good cappuccino.
His favorite quote: “Creativity is looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary”.