Catherine Tanitte

Facilitator in creativity, Catherine accompanies private companies and public organizations in their innovation & co-construction projects by “smiling” and awakening their creative talents. It helps them to take action by materializing emerging solutions through visual facilitation. She is also a narrative practitioner, accompanying organizations, teams & individuals in their transformation or transition projects through the narrative approach (Mickael White & David Epston), a passer at heart and convinced of the need for creativity as a soft skill, the power of visual thinking, and strong cooperative needs, she trains in creativity, facilitation and graphic facilitation and supervises in these fields.His transdisciplinary training (Art, Philosophy, cinema, communication & creativity), as well as his experience in documentary films and then in large companies in ethnographic studies and his passions (cinema, photography, narrative) feed his daily interventions: his credo: cultivating surprise and finding creativity, solutions and dissolving problems while respecting people.A graduate of the Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Le Fresnoy), she has directed several short films, one of which was selected at some fifteen international festivals, and is trained at the CPS, Design Thinking, which holds a certificate in creativity, is a narrative practitioner, and is also trained in behavioural economics and Nudge approaches.