Branko Broekman

Branko came home in 1997 to the inspiring, rich world of creative thinking. Since then he helps people cook with Columbus’ egg. The fun and passion that springs up when people are forging surprising, original alternatives for complex questions is his drive in work and life. As a facilitator of creative sessions and as a trainer he offers an effective structure to switch on one’s imagination and to create.
He shares his experience tending to change processes. As a consultant for organisations that have a drive to change; as a coach for individuals where needed. He has worked with numerous individuals, companies and non-profit organisations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa.
He is a certified Master Coach in intercultural NLP. Originally skilled as a landscape architect and environmental engineer, Branko experienced the power of creative thinking when he was working as a project leader on the restoration of natural areas at the Ministry of Transportation and Water Management in the Netherlands. It made him decide to pursue his Master in Creativity and Change Leadership at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, in Buffalo, New York.
He lives his artistic creativity as a sculptor.