Alessandra Marazzi

Alessandra Marazzi is an experienced executive coach, leadership development facilitator, and researcher.
With an insane curiosity for trans-contextual inquiries in how to realize our potential, Alessandra has a passion for exploring how embodiment practices can further our understanding and allow us to tap into deeper sources of knowing. Her work is centered around complexity and navigating the unknown.
Alessandra’s research on the somatic experience of courage has been presented at the European Conference of Positive Psychology in 2023. She is now researching how the fluid body of Mycelium can inform social body formation, within the European School of Governance.
Alessandra is the co-founder of Mycelium Collab, a lab, incubator and collaborative eco-system to co-inspire new possibilities in organizational and leadership approaches.
Alessandra lives now in Switzerland. Her clients are both local and global, she has several collaborations, including IMD and major foundations in the field of social change and entrepreneurship. Alessandra is a member of Forbes Coaches Council and she is now writing her first book.