• 20/12/2019

Is creating divine? Perhaps, but we too play our part in creating.

We create children, companies, gardens, works of art. We create fantastic cities and products. The secret lies in having a vision, an important purpose, a mission, but above all in continuing to imagine the emotions that accompany the results we achieve. In many cases, we will discover that “there is no pathway to happiness because happiness is the pathway”.

So let’s see how to apply this secret. Let’s take a piece of paper and write to the person we care for the most: ourselves. We will write a beautiful 2020 Christmas letter. We will write using familiar words, known only to us, we will pamper ourselves with poetic phrases, and, above all, we will wish ourselves that the projects we treasure the most can be realized. We will imagine how happy we are with the good results achieved and how everything can find a solution. We will imagine the results for us and for the people we love. And we will thank ourselves for the excellent work done. Are we ready? So, pen and paper and let’s get started. “Dear ……,”

Once the letter is written, we will put it in an envelope and keep it safe in a drawer. We will open it on December 24th, 2020 after midnight. Step by step we will enter the world of creating, which is exactly the “pathway to happiness” available to everyone. 

You can also find a door to that world coming to Crea Conference 2020 from 6th to 10th May!

And for the ultimate secret to write your 2020 Christmas letter download our template here

Merry Christmas.

P.S. If you are in Milan on 14th January from 7.30 pm come and find out more about CREA Conference at our free event EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK