CREA Programs 2020 are online!

  • 14/11/2019

Where is your learning path leading you in 2020? 
Apply Imagination and choose among our selection of Creative Problem Solving Programs and unique Immersions: 

  • SCRUM DRUM: Agile transformation for continuous improvement.
  • My 5 Imaginary Lives: A Purposeful Life Journey Through the Five Continents of Inspiration.
  • The Making of Meaning: Introduction to Synectics ®.
  • Imagination Factory: Create a Vision for Your Own Brand.
  • Stealth Innovation: Develop a strategy for landing after CREA, and applying what they’ve learned.
  • BUFFON: The Power of Humour in Transformation (with French support)


  • Stimulateur d’imagination: Potentialisez l’imagination des équipes en jouant avec 8 facteurs de motivation.
  • Facilitation génératrice: Donnez libre cours à votre imagination pour innover… de là où vous êtes.
  • Design organisationnel: Concevoir de nouvelles organisations en donnant le pouvoir à l’imagination.
  • Inspiration naturelle: Plongez dans la nature pour nourrir votre imagination, vous relier à la sagesse naturelle et aiguiser votre pensée perceptive.


  • Foundations of CPS: Learn the basics of Creative Problem Solving. This is the program for those getting started with CPS. (English & French)
  • The Art of Facilitation: For CPS practitioners with some experience. Gain hands-on facilitation practice and feedback. (English & French)
  • Creative Thinking Tools for the 21st Century: Variety of tools that are drawn from the newest approaches in Creativity, Design Thinking, and Biomimicry.

Have you made your choice? Reserve your place now! 
For the whole month of November join CREA Conference 2020 at a special price on all individual registrations: Register before NOVEMBER 30 and receive an Early Bird Discount of €150 on your “Individual Ticket”.