Boost your potential for facing the challenge of change.
Find inspiration to teach, co-work, train and live differently through creative thinking and creative problem solving.

Join and experience the CREA FESTIVAL!

This year, CREA welcomes even more participants to enjoy the conference for an incredible
and immersive weekend of creative thinking.

24 hours of thought-provoking workshops, international networking, creative events and discoveries.

From 2 pm Saturday, April 15 to 2 pm Sunday, April 16
Sestri Levante, Italy


  • Especially designed for people that are seeking new knowledge and learning beyond training
  • Focused on hands-on experiences
  • Rich, dense, intense, diverse, international
  • An opportunity to network with like-minded individuals worldwide
  • Offers a wide range of themes to choose from: beyond limits, change, body & mind
  • Encompasses all the expertise and values of CREA: Imagination, Openness, Ownership, Connection