Boost your training impact with post-CREA coaching


Newly acquired knowledge and skills need to be deep-rooted during the first few months after a learning experience.
When you return home after CREA, you will find it incredibly helpful to have a coach who can guide you
through the application of what you have learned, accelerating the effectiveness of your learning.

This is why we highly recommend adding coaching to your learning agenda after CREA.
Our goal is to help you strengthen your new skills through deliberate practice, with personalized support that leads
to increased confidence and competence as you to apply them in your own context and to your own projects.

To be effective, coaching requires an investment of time and energy along with a commitment to the coaching relationship.
We recommend a minimum of four sessions, scheduled between you and your coach and typically offered via Zoom
or by phone in a series of one-hour sessions. You will have the option of extending this arrangement based
on the perceived need between you and your coach.

For those organizations who send several members to CREA,
we can also offer a group coaching option (up to six individuals) to help them to successfully
bring more creative thinking into their workplace.

To find out more about about our coaching program, please contact us at:
[email protected]