• 14/01/2020

VISION: CREA is a Green, Eco-Conference, built on an ecological mind and love and respect for nature and the environment. It is “clean” (outside an inside), simple, real, holistic and organic

VALUES: Alignment with the environment, well-being, self awareness, mindfulness, inclusion & diversity

PHYSICAL: Healthy food, nature walk, yoga & meditation, reflection space, intimate atmosphere, dialogue/ meaningful conversations (sharing circles 2.0), five senses experiences, labyrinth at the heart of the conference, possibly proximity to water (lake, sea, river..)

MENTAL: CREA 2020 helps you enhance your creative potential and move forward along your path towards self-actualization. It focuses in the individual to achieve great energy, skills, and motivations to make an impact and bring change outside in your own community. It offers a mix of workshops and CPS based courses with greater emphasis on achieving meaningful outcomes

EMOTIONAL: CREA 2020 is an opportunity for emotional cleansing (inside out), empowering your ecological mind and your own sense of responsibility (fir the environment, your community, etc.). It provides great human connections.

TRIBAL: based on a strong community with shared ceremonies and rituals; it brings in joy and playfulness through music and dance (e.g., drumming circles, singing along..). A special place is held for the “wisdom keepers “.

SPIRITUAL: CREA 2020 is purification for your soul, it lightens up your spirit and make you feel an individual and collective sense of purpose, enhancing your wish to make a contribution when you go back to the real world.